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- Back Ferrule
- Bulk Head - Lock Nut
- Ferrule Pack
- Front Ferrule
- Insert
- Knurled Nut
- Lock Nut For O-seal
- Nut
- Positionable Lock Nut
- Positionable Lock Nut (pipd)
Back Ferrule
Metric Tube
Tubefit part no. Equivalent Part no. Type 1 Equivalent part no Type 2 ODT ØT(MM) 
2M-BFD -2M4-1 BFM2
3M-BFD -3M4-1 BFM3
4M-BFD -4M4-1 BFM4
6M-BFD -6M4-1 BFM6
8M-BFD -8M4-1 BFM8
10M-BFD -10M4-1 BFM10 10 
12M-BFD -12M4-1 BFM12 12 
14M-BFD -14M4-1 BFM14 14 
15M-BFD -15M4-1 BFM15 15 
16M-BFD -16M4-1 BFM16 16 
18M-BFD -18M4-1 BFM18 18 
20M-BFD -20M4-1 BFM20 20 
22M-BFD -22M4-1 BFM22 22 
25M-BFD -25M4-1 BFM25 25 
Note :
Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.
  All part numbers are proprietary of their respective owners
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